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Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!
Think you know pasta? Take our pasta shape quiz

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1. Which is the most popular pasta shape in America?
Penne Rigate

2. Farfalle refers to which shape of pasta?
Bumble Bee

3. What is the literal translation of "Manicotti"
Cooked pasta

4. What does the shape of Vermicelli refer to?
Red flowers
Tiny worms
Thin flags

5. The shape of Gnocchi refers to which of these?
Musical note
Knot in wood
An eye ball

6. Strangozzi is named after which shape?
A hangman's noose
A horse bridle

7. The shape of Radiatore pasta is looks like what?
Radio tube
Satellite dish

8. The shape of Ricciolini pasta refers to what?
Small curls
Horse shoes
Long ribbons

9. Mostaccioli is a reference to what shape?
Rifle barrel
Stove pipe

10. Capellini refers to which shape?
Fine hair
Angel hair
Silver thread

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